Dogu Unites Sales Teams With Cloud-Based Gamification

24. May 2016

Real-time Sales Competitions and Other Features Bring Offices Together Around Common Goals

SAN FRANCISCO – May 24, 2016 – Dogu AS today announced plans to further develop their cloud-based sales motivation software hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform.

SalesScreen uses cloud technology and data-driven systems to make sales fun, intuitive, engaging and rewarding. Replacing the traditional sales bell and whiteboard with customizable software brings teams together around common goals and KPIs all around the world and uses meaningful rewards to drive performance increases and boost third-party system adoption.

As the gamification market experiences rapid growth, SalesScreen differentiates themselves with their variety of real-time sales competitions, milestone event celebrations, leaderboards, head-to-head challenges and other features.

Due to SalesScreen’s robust API, users of many different CRM and data-driven systems will benefit by being able to quickly and easily add a gamification element to their products, boosting user adoption and adding product stickiness.

In addition, sales and customer service centers of all sizes benefit by adding a gamification platform which visualizes data in real-time and makes it easy to create friendly competitions and provide recognition and rewards for outstanding performance. 

The gamification market is expected to exceed 11 Billion USD by 2020 at a CAGR of 64.34%. 

”SpareBank 1’s Oslo call center increased annual revenues more than 300% in a single year by using SalesScreen. The increased competitiveness, the recognition and the constant awareness of our progress really boosts sales performance. SalesScreen makes work fun every day.” – Ola Bakke, Sales Manager, SpareBank 1 Insurance Center

SalesScreen makes it easy for sales teams and contact centers to display data in real-time on many different activities such as customer support, meetings booked, offers sent and deals closed. By providing instant recognition and rewards for performance on key business tasks, achieving goals becomes fun, social and rewarding, regardless of user location. To learn more, visit

“The SalesScreen solution by Dogu shows the strength and flexibility of the Microsoft Azure platform. The ability of their product to unite separated sales and customer service teams through a cloud-based gamification platform is a clear example of the innovation that Azure helps make possible.” – said Andrea Carl, Director, Commercial Communications, Microsoft Corp.

Dogu depends on Microsoft Azure Service Bus, Microsoft Azure SQL Server with Elastic Pool, PaaS (App Services, Web Apps), API Management, Microsoft Azure Storage with CDN, Redis Cache, deployment slots, Microsoft Azure AD, Backup, Security Center, and Traffic Manager.

Dogu is a Norwegian software company founded in 2011. Its core product, SalesScreen, is sales motivation software that helps sales leaders to visualize their data, motivate sales reps and surpass goals. SalesScreen runs on the Azure cloud platform to deliver highly scalable software, making it easy for managers to drive performance on clearly defined business objectives.


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