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You want to be part of a talented, young and employee-owned company during its growing phase. You are passionate, curious, not scared to both speak your mind and put your words in actions. You are looking for a strong company culture that is human, inclusive and friendly?
You may well be the next member of the Dogu family.

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This is who we are

We are bootstrapped
Dogu has never received outside funding. This has taught us a great deal about the need of creating great products that people are willing to pay money for.
We are employee-owned
Dogu is 100% owned by 12 of its employees keeping shareholders’ and employees’ interests completely aligned.
We are profitable
Since 2012, the company has been been profitable every single year.
We are growing
Since 2012, Dogu has grown its revenues by over 185% year-over-year.
We are distributed
Back in the day, Dogu was located in one office in Trondheim. Our team is now distributed across Norway (Trondheim, Oslo, Bergen), USA (San Diego), France (Bayeux) and Holland (Amsterdam).
We are flexible
While sitting together is necessary sometimes, we do not believe that you need to sit in an office from 9 to 17 to do your best work. We empower our team to work from where they want and on a flexible time schedule. All one needs is a laptop and a good internet connection.
We are geared up
As true digital craftsmen, we want nothing but the best tools to do our work. We use the best tools available, such as Slack, Zoom, Office 365, Dropbox, Pipedrive, Trello, Github and of course, SalesScreen.
We are agile
We are a small team and we cherish this. It has forced us to be agile in everything we do, to iterate quickly through possible solutions and to continuously bring improvements to our products and to our organization.
We are brave nerds
We love technology and are never scared to push the boundaries of what is possible. Our team may not be the largest but our developers are surely amongst the brightest.
We are business minded
Technology is only useful when it helps individuals and organizations achieve what was previously not possible. We strive everyday to understand our customers and find ways to help drive their business to become more profitable.
We are idea-driven
Top-to-bottom decision making is not our strongest suit. We always encourage everyone to come up with, debate and implement new ideas.
We are independent
We are a small company with big responsibilities and we flourish with team work. But we are also good at taking ownership to get things done when we see something that needs to be improved.
We are trustworthy
In the course of a few years, we have gone from being a 3 man unknown consultancy company to becoming a company with Products trusted by some of the most renowned companies in the Nordics: Nordea, Gjensidige, Subaru, Schibsted, Privatmegleren, Visma.
We are family
We see the Dogu team as a tightly knitted family who shares memories together and will keep on writing great stories. That also means that we try to include our better halves for social events.
We are Dogu
In December 2015, Dogu’s employees wrote and collectively approved the following internal vision: Dogu shall strive to be excellent and offer the best working environment possible while creating great stories for generations to come.

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Ferjemannsveien 4, 7042 Trondheim, Norway